Retirement Plans

For Christian Owned or Lead Businesses

We know you want to honor God in your business and take care of your staff.

That includes providing them with a retirement plan from financial professionals you can trust and align with your values.

For over 25 years, Envoy Financial has provided retirement solutions for those who are faith focused.

Scroll down to learn how Envoy Financial’s 401(k) offers more than a traditional plan for Christian business owners and leaders.

Envoy provides everything you
need in one powerful solution.

Advisory | Third-Party Administration | Recordkeeping | Education | Support

Responsible Investing

Are you unknowingly supporting abortion, pornography, or gambling with your retirement plan or investments? Envoy Financial can screen out investments that conflict with your convictions.


Save time and reduce stress. Envoy takes care of all your church retirement plan needs including record keeping and all the requirements of a third-party administrator.


The entire enrollment process is quick, online, and interactive. Everyone has a personalized experience guided by video hosts to determine their individual retirement needs, risk tolerance, investments, and contribution amounts.


Envoy offers one-on-one professional, friendly support and 24/7 access to an online Help Center for both plan administrators and staff. In addition, Envoy offers a wide range of educational resources for everyone.

Stewardship Advisors

Envoy’s licensed and dedicated Stewardship Advisor for your entire organization is committed to understanding your unique plan and being available for group meetings or personal sessions with individuals/families. They provide financial advice, comprehensive financial plans, wealth management options, account reviews, and more.

How are you managing RISK?

Active & Tactical Management

Instead of passively riding out the market, Envoy’s Financial’s active, tactical management options buy and sell based on current market trends to provide a peace of mind for you and your staff.

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Creating a Kingdom Impact by Championing Biblical Financial Stewardship.