RepositioningI started my day in Pakse, Laos; right on the Mekong River. Leaving my air-conditioned room I walked into the high-humidity 90 degree heat and started to sweat. The cooling rains have not yet hit this valley. Around 11:00 a.m. I drove 22 kilometers up the hill to the micro climate at the coffee dry mill. It’s amazing what a slight change in elevation will do. Lower humidity and lower temperature. I immediately felt better.

Around 1:00 p.m. I headed another 33 kilometers up the hill, past the town of Paksong to the coffee farm. What a beautiful blessing as the tractors ploughed, the workers hoed and a team of Vietnamese workers pruned. It was now about 83 degrees and 60 % humidity…beautiful.

I was reminded that a little repositioning can make a huge difference…in both physical comfort and in life. The key is how you reposition and where you reposition. Remember the huge difference it made to Jesus’ disciples when they followed His instructions and threw their nets on the “other side of the boat?”

Here are some thoughts, see if they help.

When you can’t see clearly, move a little. When you are not thinking clearly, adjust a little. When you are not feeling well, rest a little. When an important relationship is “going south,” give a little. When your kids are bugging you, love a little. And when it is just too hot, move a little ways “up the mountain.”

I’ve learned that it is not only the big adjustments that make a difference. The little ones often have a huge impact. A client called recently complaining about the fact that she could not seem to save any money. After a brief discussion I suggested that she increase her contribution to her 403b savings account by 1% of salary every year. She said, “Will that little bit make a difference?” We worked the math together, and concluded that she could grow her savings to over $500,000 just a little bit at a time.

Two lessons: One, get some good advice. Two, follow it.

What needs a little repositioning for you? What needs a little repositioning in your organization or ministry? Small changes can have a huge impact on life, family and ministry. Let’s reposition, recalibrate together, give us a call.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Our dialogue continues.

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