I write this I’m in the Narita Airport in Japan. I Left Laos on Saturday afternoon, arrived at Bangkok airport about 9:00PM, finally got a flight out to Japan on Sunday morning about 8:30AM. Now to Dallas-Fort Worth, and then back to Los Angeles.

That routing sheds a whole new light on the “Travel Mercies” prayer request.

With all the twists, turns and revamped schedules it required an amazing amount of focus and concentration to keep my mind clear, and my steps ordered. There certainly was an urge to “give up” along the way as things became complicated!

Each time there is a major change in our lives, what we do and how we do it, or “kefluffel” as a friend suggests, there is a momentary feeling of being disoriented and not knowing exactly what to do. Perhaps that is why we resist change as much as most of us do.

With that perspective, I was reviewing on the plane, a list of Envoy Choice plan sponsors who have embraced the change from either the Lincoln or Nationwide platform to Envoy Choice and its attendant joys. After some momentary disorientation and not knowing exactly how to “engage” with the new options, they made the effort, turned the corner, and are experiencing the great support regardless of their role: Plan Sponsor, Plan Administrator, Retirement Plan Oversightv committee member, or plan participant. It is truly a wonderful thing to see a great plan come together.

Next I was reviewing those who have not yet fully engaged; therefore they have not yet experienced all the benefits of the Envoy Choice Retirement Plan Delivery system. A couple of the key components are the online interactive enrollment process featuring John and Arlene, instant access to all the how-to’s via the Resource Center online for both Administrators and Participants and all the support via the Educate Now program.

Well, the long and the short of it is that there are great benefits when we become engaged, stay engaged, and focus on our desired outcomes.

I Just got on upgrade to Business Class and they have called the flight.

Gotta go, so until next time: Get engaged, stay engaged, stay focused and enjoy the results… Whatever your most important life priority.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Our dialogue continues.

Living with Trusted Advice together,


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