In the last few blogs, we’ve established that our pre-retirement lives are filled with highs and lows, rewards and meaning, and failures. Hopefully, we have learned something from all of these experiences. Maybe, though, there is something that is awakening in you now; something that perhaps was always there but never acknowledged. A gentle whisper in your ear, or a tug on your heart. A quiet moment of reflection along with an open Bible often brings amazing insights. Try it now.shutterstock_147734843

Connecting with Biblical Truth is life changing. How and when we are confronted with that Truth varies person to person and one set of circumstances to another. Unfortunately much of it comes when we are “crying out for help”; we finally turn to the source of all wisdom only after we seem to have exhausted our own.

My experience is that I tend to hang onto my wisdom much too long and turn to the ultimate source of wisdom much too late. Many of us have been reminded often through our reading and being encouraged by spiritual leaders to spend time in the word, regularly. When I follow that advice, the learning, confronting, and growing as a spiritual person is much nicer.

The bumps and grinds of everyday life begin to have a spiritual context. I am able to respond to those activities of daily living in a better way, a more loving way, with greater wisdom.

Solomon lays out the bottom line to living a fulfilled life in the last few verses of Ecclesiastes: Be in total awe and reverence of God and follow closely what he lays out as the wisest ways to live life, relate to others and give honor and glory to Him. (My paraphrase of Ecclesiastes 12:13)

He then continues in verse 14, and I paraphrase: “(Do this) because all that we do, every day and for the rest of our lives has a cause and effect impact.”

The good things we do will leverage more good, and those inconsiderate or those actions that separate us from friends and family and put distance between ourselves and God, will produce pain in both the short and the long run.

Each of us is challenged to figure out our future path….yes, the time after retirement.

The good news is that our current and past experiences are the proving ground for our future. By staying connected to the source of ultimate wisdom now, will help pave the way for a more joyous, productive future. Let’s do it together! Listen to that “tug on your heart”.

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Discovering our future together,