Last time we took a look at common perceptions about retirement and began to challenge that how we’ve defined retirement in the past needs to change. Today let’s dig into why those definitions are not adequate and explore what purpose God might have for us in our later years.

Retirement is not only a reward for pastI want to begin with a saying we have at Envoy, Retirement is not only a reward for past services, it’s a stepping stone for future ministry.

In other words, while we can enjoy the years where we are no longer working in full time jobs by traveling or playing golf we must also consider what our purpose may be during those years.

The Balance of The Meaningful And Pleasurable Is What Provides the Spice of Life.

For just a few moments think about what it would be like to play golf every day or fish or travel all the time. Sound good? Some days it does, however, because it has no eternal purpose, it will get old, stale and even boring and you would no longer appreciate any of the joys of your favorite hobbies or pastime activities. That is just what those activities are today: pleasurable distractions from everyday life; these are the things that you crave during your pre-retirement years, but yet often cannot enjoy because of your work, your family, and those dutiful responsibilities taking nearly all of your time. Some golf or other activity may be good, but not 24/7.

Truly the balance of the meaningful and pleasurable is what provides the spice of life. That balance here on earth is valuable.

A Bit of Wisdom

Solomon said,”The path of those who do the right thing is like the first light of dawn, then continuing to shine even brighter until the full light of the day.” (Prov. 4:18).

Both the meaningful and the pleasurable are embraced in the same thought. I love the early morning breaking of day. It holds promise for the day. Here in Colorado the sunrise from our front window is often breathtaking. Balance is important in our lives as each of us will sometime ask the question: “What is the chief end of man?”

For those of us who went through catechism as children we may recall the answer: Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Forever includes now, tomorrow, and our retirement years.

To have meaning with true purpose is one of life’s important values, and we want to be motivated to live out those values for a lifetime. Fulfilling God’s plan for our lives brings balance, joy, accomplishment and meaning. That combination then leads to a full, complete existence. Traveling on God’s pathways with Him is a powerful way to live.

I encourage you to head over to and download a free copy of my newest eBook: Live with Meaning: Understanding the Power of Future- Funded Ministry. The book will challenge the way you view retirement and give insight into why it’s important to plan for the years ahead where the paycheck stops but the call to ministry continues.

Discovering our future together,