older couple eating mellonWhen we share we invite others to participate in the results of our action. When we don’t share, we limit the power of the results to make a difference in people’s lives. This is most clearly demonstrated by the results generated by 12 men, and an unknown group of women, beginning in about 33 A.D. Look at the result… Our beliefs and lifestyles, who we are, is shaped by the message they shared. Sharing can act as a powerful change agent; a change agent impacting both you, me and others.

We recently came to the realization that the community of Plan Sponsors’ currently affiliated with Envoy deserve to know more about the pathway to a successful retirement plan. The knowledge that was missing was not Envoy’s, but yours. The accumulated knowledge and experience of plan sponsors is worthy of collecting and disseminating.

We all wonder what others are doing as we search for metrics and indicators of what works, what doesn’t, what yields positive results and what doesn’t. Understanding what others are doing, along with exposure to “best practices” brings understanding and support, increased efficiency and increased effectiveness to the world of faith-based retirement plans.

With those beliefs and understandings firmly in mind, we decided to prepare and launch the First Annual Retirement Plan Survey of Faith-Based Organizations. Its purpose is to gather information from plan sponsors, distill and organize it and share it with the community of connected plan sponsors. We’ll be asking you to share with us; so you can benefit from the sharing of others on this important topic and in this simple way.

Most of us are aware of the Non-Profit benefit survey prepared annually by CRI and Christian Leadership Alliance entitled, “Compensation Survey Report for Christian Organizations.” Clearly there is a need for a companion survey focusing on the world of faith-based retirement plans. The Retirement Plan Survey of Faith-Based Organizations will fill that void and become a valuable resource for Faith-Based Plan Administrators and specialists, as well as to service providers. What are new trends in the marketplace, what are common practices and what are best practices? Our Educate Now and Retirement Plan Compliance efforts will then focus on providing cutting edge solutions to identified problem areas, and alert you to the current realities in the Faith-Based marketplace.

Look for the information about the initial survey and take the 4 minutes needed to share your information by participating in the survey. While it is certainly better to give than to receive, be assured that as a community of plan sponsors, retirement oversight team members, and plan administrators the key information gained will be shared with all.

Do you have a story or experience that demonstrates the power of sharing? Here is your invitation to share.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Our dialogue continues.

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