During the last few months we have examined the importance of having true meaning in and for our lives. Unless we connect our lives to a motivating meaning, we simply exist to work or play. Even if our intentions are good, both work and play will eventually become boring, not fun, if there is no meaning beyond a paycheck or short lived enjoyment.

Living a life of meaning and preparing for a meaningful life in the future, are key ingredients to a joyous existence. Living a life of meaning and preparing for a meaningful life, are also key ingredients that motivate us to “keep going” when that going gets tough.

  • What is it that motivates the soldier to commit his life for his or her fellow warriors?
  • What is it that motivates a believer to give up so much of the worldly rewards and dedicate their life to helping others?
  • What is it that motivates a local parishioner to dedicate each Saturday to feeding the hungry?
  • What is it that motivates a small boy to give his allowance to helping others to eat and sleep?
  • What is it that motivates you to a personal commitment to “Change Lives”?

The key relationships in our life give meaning and are what propel us forward to make a difference in the life of others.

So, in our daily activity it is the passion, the meaning that keeps us connected to a vision and our task. Meaning is the metric we use to measure our life.

I recently heard a number of speakers at a Convene Conference speak about the importance of meaning to the Millennial generation. They explained how this generation insists upon both meaning and choice. The choice to choose what they will support and how they will support it. The pre-condition to the support is that the “Cause” must be meaningful to them. As I listened, 5 generations removed from the Millennials, it made sense to me too.

As a Christian leader and manager, I’m called to the role of helping those who work for me, with me, and those we serve to connect with the greater, God directed, meaning in their life.

No meaning…..not much life.

What are the indicators that there is meaning in our lives? How do I know if I’m connected to God’s plan for my life?

Here are a couple of metrics that make sense to me:

  1. Am I hired or am I called?
  2. Am I doing my job or am I doing His work?
  3. Are lives changed because of what I do and how I respond to others?
  4. Am I uneasy about my job or am I “all in”?
  5. Am I paid or am I enabled?

The reason I wrote the eBook, Live with Meaning, was to start a conversation and conclude with a change to the definition of “retirement” among our Faith Based community. The more I think about it, that change only takes place as each of us connects with God’s plan for OUR life, and consequently understand what is truly meaningful for us.

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