dreamjobnextexitI had an interesting experience today; teaching my Laotian “translator” the 5 W’s: Who, Where, What, Why and When. In an event-based culture, questioning for content is not a standard practice. When you add a time dimension it really throw them. Think about how much of your communication and information gathering starts with one of those 5 words, and is then followed up with another one of them.

When are you going to retire? Where will you live? What will you do? And who will be with you? And why are your retiring anyway? That gets all 5 into the conversational mix.

Let’s start with the supposition that we will be happiest and most fulfilled if we continue to carry out God’s call on our life until we die. That certainly does not mean that we will be vocational until we die; yet, a lifetime of service certainly is what we are called to do.

I can personally vouch for the fact that I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled, in spite of problems and struggles, at any time in my life. Making a difference, being challenged to stay active at a high level, and learning new things daily brings happiness to me. I’d love Judy to be with me on this trip, but other than that, life is truly an ongoing adventure.

What a blessing to be able to respond to God’s call to action, without being fearful of not having enough money to carry out His call. That preparation is what we call “Future Funded Ministry”…ensuring a lifetime of service. In addition you also achieve the freedom to serve for a lifetime. As I reflect on the Old Testament stories, preparation was always a key part in God’s plan. Consider the Israelites 400 years in Egypt or Abraham’s time in the hills while Lot lived in Sodom. Clearly there is good preparation, and that which is not so good.

Are you, you and your spouse, your fellow workers in ministry, active participants in that stage of preparation? That ongoing process of learning skills and understanding basic principles that will make a difference in how you live for the rest of your life…as part of God’s call? What a blessing to know that we can continue to learn and grow and what joy it brings when we do. Living only for the “now” diminishes the joy in the future. Think about it.

Future Funded Ministry…being able to fulfill an exciting future.

Here is some encouragement for your journey from Envoy and The Money Couple: “Seize the Day” and “Make it Happen.”

Let me know your thoughts and comments. Our dialogue continues.

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