retirement heartOur future is a matter of heart. Your heart.

As Envoy continues to grow, serving more churches and ministries across the country and the world, we know planning for a future of service is not easy. It is made even harder when the financial services’ industry insists on using green lines and toppling walls to encourage the masses to change the way they look at retirement.

Here is the bottom line: “How to” never motivated anyone to change behavior or revamp priorities.

The only time I’ve noticed effervescent joy from following a “how-to” is when the assembly instruction is finally deciphered for a child’s toy and the toy actually works. Upon reflection, maybe the joy is just the release of adrenaline, or relief, or the amazement of our spouse and in- laws. It is worth noting that such a task takes both heart and perseverance to conquer. It may also be so embarrassing to fail-that literally fighting through to victory is the only legitimate option.

After the discovery, pain, fear and prayers of the last month because of Judy’s calcified heart valves, I feel so much closer to issues of the heart now than I did before the discovery. This heart rending event almost crushed my heart, while binding our hearts closer together at the same time.

Isn’t it strange how pain leads to strength and how matters of the heart changes course our lives?

Change Your Heart, Change Your Retirement: 3 Easy Steps

Can we agree that when our heart, our emotional core, is impacted we chart new courses and learn lessons? At Envoy, we noticed over the years that most people, faith based or otherwise, don’t save for retirement consistently. As leaders of our respective organizations we do know that not only is this bad for the individual and related family members, it negatively impacts or organization and hurts our ministries. So is there something we can do? Can we change their future and our organizations too? Sure we can!

  1. Watch this video of Dan, a lifelong missionary, and hear how Future-Funded Ministry has impacted his life. Leadership suggests forward movement with wisdom and energy! To accelerate this movement it requires an understanding of Future-Funded Ministry and then challenging our staff to understand and embrace it too.

  2. Download the eBook, Live with Meaning: Understanding the Power of Future-Funded Ministry. Read it yourself, then recommend it to your senior leadership and staff.

  3. Share this blog and refer to Future-Funded Ministry when talking about the future- the time when the paycheck stops but ministry continues.

Making this heartening and faith based perspective part of your organizations DNA will impact lives. And isn’t that what leaders are called to do?

Have matters of the heart changed your perspective on life? People? Retirement? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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